SAT Exam- A ticket to abroad

Studying abroad is a dream of millions of Indians. Indians today have many key exams to make their dream come true like IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT, etc. SAT is an exam that gets you to some good universities in different countries like, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Finland, Japan, Lebanon, the Netherlands, South Korea, turkey, etc. It is recognized by all US universities but all around the world it depends on whether that specific university chooses to recognize this test or not. It is conducted in almost 75 countries all over the world.


This exam is conducted 7 times in the USA and 6 times in India. You can take as many times as you want this test, but it is highly recommended to not make it more than 4 times. The scorecard of these tests decides our admission into the universities. Based on this test, one can also secure scholarships from these universities. This exam is conducted 6 times in India, in Jan, May, June, Oct, Nov and Dec. This exam is mainly conducted on the first Saturday of the month (except in January, when it is usually conducted on the last Saturday). The best time to take the SAT is in class 11 or, at the beginning of class 12 with at least six to eight months before the board exams. SAT scores are valid for five years.


Many coaching institutes provide the coaching material, test series, etc.  SAT coaching in India found Noida, Delhi, Chandigarh, etc.  SAT coaching in Noida is very popular and has a good reputation in this field. They have helped many students clear their exams and score admissions in reputed universities abroad. Students can take more than one attempt. The extra attempts should be taken only when they are fully confident about their improvement. Two to three times is the highest number of attempts recommended for this test however you can go even further. This is because the universities take into consideration the number of attempts you have given in at SAT exam, therefore a greater number of attempts can create a bad impression of your profile.


The syllabus of the exam mainly consists of maths and English. There are four sections and they are as follow:

1.a reading section(65mins)

2.writing and language section(35min)

3.mathematics section (55 min) (with the calculator)

4.math section (25min) (no calculator)


The total test time is 3 hours and 50 minutes. Some universities require the essay section, and some don’t. It is mostly preferred to attempt the essay section though it is optional.

Syllabus of the sections is a follow


  1. a) problem solving and data analysis
  2. b) heart of algebra
  3. c) passport to advanced maths

2.reading: (65 minutes) (52 questions)

  1. no sentence completion
  2. understanding of passage
  3. writing and language: (35 minutes) (44 questions)
  4. expression of ideas b. standard English convention


There is no negative marking in this test. The cost for an SAT exam for an Indian student is US$94(approx. 7000) and if one wants to conduct this exam with an essay is US$106.

SAT coaching in Noida is considered as one of the best coaching to clear this exam. Students have cleared their way abroad using the SAT exam by studying through the benches of these coaching institutes. One can easily clear this exam if one studies with focus and full dedication.